Department of Material Engineering


The Department of Materials Engineering was established in 1994 with the aim of education of specialized Materials engineers. The first undergraduate program in Ceramic Engineering was offered in the same year. With development and enhancement of capabilities and facilities, the Department offered another undergraduate program in Industrial Metallurgical Engineering in 2005. Later, post graduate programs leading to Ceramic Engineering, and Characterization& ion of Engineering Materials were offered by the Department in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Today, the Department has 9 academic staffs (1 Professor and & 8 Assistant Professors) and is known as one of the most capable Engineering Departments in College of Mechanical Engineering. The academic staffs of the Department are listed in the following Table.

Full Name


Field of Expertise

Abbas Kianvash


Physical Metallurgy, Materials Science

Mehdi Ghasemi-Kakrudi

Assistant Prof.

Materials Engineering, Ceramic

Mohammad Rezvani

Assistant Prof.

Materials Engineering-Ceramic

Shahin Khameneh Asl

Assistant Prof.

Materials Engineering, Surface Engineering, Corrosion

Hossein aghajani

(Dean of Department)

Assistant Prof.

Materials Engineering, Extraction Metallurgy, Surface Engineering

Ali Rasoli

Assistant Prof.

Materials Engineering, Corrosion

Mohammad Taghi Hamedani

Assistant Prof.

Materials engineering

Ayda Faeghinia

Assistant Prof.

Materials engineering

Seyyed Mohammad Mirkazemi

Assistant Prof.

Materials engineering


The capabilities and variety of research activities of academic staffs of Department is covering all professional fields of Materials Engineering such as: magnetic materials, electrical ceramics, refractoriness, glasses and ceramic glasses, glazes, ceramics, pyro and hydrometallurgical metals extraction, powder metallurgy, surface engineering and corrosion, high temperature coatings, nano materials, ferrous and nonferrous alloys, welding and etc.

The Department has 488 students attending various disciplines at different level.



No. of Students




Industrial Metallurgy





Characterization and ion of Engineering Materials




1. Ceramic Lab.

2. Heat-treatment Lab.

3. Metallography Lab.

4. Welding Metallurgy Lab.

5. Metal Forming Lab.

6. Surface Engineering and Corrosion Lab.

7. Solidification Lab.

8. Scanning Electron Microscopy Lab.

9. Thermal Analysis Lab.(DTA, TG, DSC)

10. Magnetic Materials research Lab.

11. Casting Workshop