Introducing the library of the Mechanical Engineering Department

The library of the mechanical engineering faculty has been established in 1958 when the engineering faculty of the university of Tabriz formed. Since then, in parallel with the different departments of this faculty, the library has been developed in both research and educational fields. In 2003, the faculty of engineering has been divided into three different. Faculties of: Mechanical, Electrical and Structural engineering. Due to this, the library of mechanical engineering faculty became an independent centre in 2006 and started its service to different departments of this faculty.

The library of mechanical engineering faculty in an area with 263 m^2 is located in the ground flour of building No.8 at the university of Tabriz, and include different departments.

In this library, all books are cataloging and classification based on library of congress (LC) and computerized systems are used to manage all of its actions. The Pars Azarakhsh system is used to control the book storing/louning  system. Also all the thesis of postgraduate students are available in this system for the use of students and researchers.



  Title Quantity
Persian Books 1498 3478
Latin Books 3947 6989
Persian Journals 138  
Latin Jurnals 188  
Thesis 548